Good Sharing Bond

Investing in The Sharing Group bonds is co-investing in the ‘People’s Power Plant’. That is our vision of the energy system of the future. An energy system in which people generate energy themselves, store it themselves and distribute it to each other.

With this bond you invest directly in our companies that already work on the People’s Power Plant every day. We are building even better dynamic energy solutions, even smarter charging stations, even better car sharing systems and even more attractive energy storage. Are you participating?


From €100,-
you can participate!


5% interest per year,
paid out quarterly

5 year

With annual optional
20% repayment


No deprivation
on bank financing



Who are we?
The Sharing Group is a fast-growing family of tech companies. We are entrepreneurs and investors in the most talked about categories of the moment: energy and mobility. You know us from the MyWheels shared cars, Mijndomein web hosting, Hegg dynamic energy contracts and batteries and the bi-directional charging stations of We Drive Solar.

We build The People’s Power Plant.
Four facts: everyone is going to drive electric. Two million families already have solar panels. Netting is being phased out. And the power grid is silting up. Our portfolio of companies is building the energy system of the future. In which people generate energy themselves, store it themselves and distribute it to each other. We don’t call that a Virtual Power Plant, but the People’s Power Plant.

We are dreamers who do. Because that beautiful liveable street on top of this page is not a utopia. Thanks to our brands, people already store their excess electricity in their home batteries or shared cars. We also make neighborhoods more livable by replacing many stationary cars with shared cars and shared bins. This is how The Sharing Group shows that it works: a sharing economy that benefits everyone.

Join the dreamers who do.

Better. For. All.



We make investing in The Sharing Group accessible to everyone. That is why the price per bond is €1 and you can participate from €100. Become a member of The Sharing Group to invest in our bond.

Invest in the Good Sharing Bond from The Sharing Group and receive 1 Sharepoint per €1 bond with a maximum of 1000 Sharepoints. Sharepoints will be based off your first transaction.

Invest wisely

This is how it works

As a bondholder, you invest money and give a loan to a company, in this case to The Sharing Group. We pay you as the bond holder interest and repay the bond in full in due course.

Immerse yourself

Investing is not without risk. It is important that you have the right knowledge. We recommend that you read the prospectus carefully, and in particular the chapter on risk factors, before deciding to subscribe to the bonds.

No hidden costs

After payment you have a 14 day reflection period to cancel free of charge. In addition, it is good to know that you do not pay any management or closing costs. So there are no hidden costs, which we think is fair.

Securely via your bank

You can pay for the bonds via a normal iDEAL transfer. You will receive the payment confirmation by e-mail and your bond overview can be found in your personal membership area of The Sharing Group.


Where to find the Essential Investor’s Information?

The ‘essential information’ is what you need to know and understand to make a considered decision about joining this bond. This info is found behind the button ‘Documentation’ on this page. It’s the official document that The Sharing Group has submitted to the Dutch AFM. It contains all the info you need on the risks, the securities and guarantees, the terms of the loan, the tax treatment and the current financial situation of The Sharing Group.

What does ‘No prospectus obligation and AFM approval’ mean?

Usually, a permit or approval by the AFM is needed to issue an offer like a bond. However, since this bond does not exceed the amount of 5 million euros, no prospectus nor an AFM approval is needed.

What payment method can I use?

The preferred payment method is a transfer through iDEAL. This system allows for a maximum amount of € 50.000,-. If you want to obtain a bigger stake, multiple transactions are required. You’ll find all your positions in the Members section of our website.

Which payment provider do you use?

We partner with Mollie. Before connecting your bank account to our platform, Mollie will perform a so-called KYC (Know Your Customer)-check. If your member account at The Sharing Group and your accountholder name at your bank are different, this check might take a bit longer. This also applies for transactions from outside the Netherlands. Please be aware and take your time.

Where do I find the T&Cs and privacy statement?
Do I also receive Sharepoints when investing in bonds?

Invest in the Good Sharing Bond from The Sharing Group and receive 1 Sharepoint per €1 bond with a maximum of 1000 Sharepoints. Your Sharepoints will be automatically added to your account after completing the payment. Please note: Sharepoints are awarded based on the first transaction.