Professional investment

Profit and impact go hand in hand at all tech companies of The Sharing Group. We believe in the Good Sharing Economy, a new economic model that is based on shared use rather than on ownership. We develop, build and maintain advanced sharing platforms for this purpose.

The Sharing Group actively collaborates with an ecosystem of co-investors that also believe in optimizing economic, environmental and social impact.



The Sharing Group

Updates on financial progress and developments in our impact objectives can be found here:



We are happy to help large, professional investors personally. Interested? Get in touch with our CFO Stefan Heesakkers. You can direct all financial questions, media and interview requests to



Profit and impact

The Sharing Group is a family of tech companies. We develop platform solutions for markets in transition but our focus is Mobility and Energy. Our base is formed by 500K members who pay periodically for access to our platforms. This subscription-driven business model gives us low-threshold interaction with our customers, predictability in planning and financing, and scalability without long-term commitments.

We are an impact driven company. What we do must therefore bring both business and social prosperity. We are making our carbon footprint smaller and try to make our Social Handprint bigger each day. The sky’s the limit.

People praise our ‘touch’ as a tech company, our way of marketing. With a unique Business-2-Community approach, we enter into dialogue with our customers, improve the products and optimize our services. By keeping an eye on not only the needs, but also the interests of our customers, we remain relevant and attractive for future generations. Our entire portfolio of companies can be found here.

The Sharing Group is led by a compact board consisting of Henri de Jong (Founder and CEO) and Stefan Heesakkers (CFO).

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