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Do you support the Good Sharing philosophy and would you like to stay informed of our latest developments? Join now as a member of The Sharing Group. By joining you become a shareholder and participant in creating more impact.

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Why participate?

You become
a shareholder 1

You become
a shareholder

As a member of The Sharing Group, you automatically save SharePoints that you can convert into Good Shares, which are certificates of shares that allow you to benefit from the group’s success.

You receive
benefits 2

You receive

We will inform you as a member first about new features, test groups and benefits at all affiliated companies (or at friendly clubs that share our mission).

You get
exclusive invitations 3

You get
exclusive invitations

As a member we invite you to small-scale (online) events about tech, mobility and energy.

You can
co-invest 4

You can

We regularly issue new, attractive bonds. As a member you get first access.

Good sharing

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What are Sharepoints?

Sharepoints are points that you can collect for your purchases and participation in campaigns as a The Sharing Group member.

What can I do with Sharepoints?

Once a year, you can exchange the Sharepoints you collected to Good Shares. These are certificates of shares.

Good Shares: meaning, value & taxes

Good Shares are share certificates of The Sharing Group. They don't give their owner voting rights but if we decide to give out dividend you are entitled to it.

The value is based on a yearly valuation of The Sharing Group by an external party and will grow or decrease according to the further evolution of The Sharing Group.

Your Good Shares are worth a certain amount of Euros, meaning that they count as financial asset that you need to consider when filing your tax report. They belong in box 3 of the Dutch tax report.

How can I get Good Shares?

Once per year, you will get an invitation to exchange your Sharepoints for Good Shares and you will have a couple of weeks to do so. This will be done via your Members dashboard. We inform you about this via email. In 2024, you can expect the period for exchange to be in May.

Can everyone become The Sharing Group member?

Individuals of 18 years en older can become member and collect Sharepoints and Good Shares. Please read our Terms & Conditions for the detailed conditions of our programme.

How can I delete my member account?

You can delete your members account by going to your profile page, then scroll down and click and confirm the Delete account button.

Note: You can only delete your account if you don't have bonds or Good Shares of The Sharing Group.

What happens to my Sharepoints if I delete my account?

If you delete your account, your Sharepoints will also be deleted. If you register again, you will start collecting Sharepoints again.

What's the value of my Sharepoints?

Each Sharepoint has a financial value that you can use to exchange for Good Shares. How many you can get is determined by the value of The Sharing Group that is assessed yearly. Once per year we inform you about the amount of Good Shares that you can get with your collected Sharepoints.

Where do I find the T&Cs and privacy statement?
How does un-linking an account work?

If you linked a Mijndomein or a MyWheels account to your Members account, you can unlink it under Sharepoints - Link - click on the dots next to your linked account and choose unlink.
Please note: the Sharepoints you received for your loyaltywill not be given anew when you link the same Mijndomein or MyWheels account again to a different Members account. The Sharepoints will remain in your original Members account.

Exchange Sharepoints for Good Shares

When the option to exchange Sharepoints for Good Shares is active, you will see a notification banner to take the needed steps once you log into your member addount.

There are a few things needed in order to make the exchange possible:

  • Your profile needs to be completed for us to have your personal information for the handover of the Good Shares.
  • The Sharepoints that you collected are a.o. based on your purchases at Mijndomein and/or MyWheels. If you have pending invoices at one of the companies, you will receive a notification with an error code. Make sure you pay any pending invoice and try to exchange your Sharepoints again the following day.

During the period of exchange, we will temporarily not add any new Sharepoints transactions to your account. We will add the transactions later on after the exchange period. You can exchange them next year during the next exchange period.