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Do you support the Good Sharing philosophy and would you like to stay informed of our latest developments? Join now as a member of The Sharing Group. By joining you become a shareholder and participant in creating more impact.

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Why participate?

You become
a shareholder 1

You become
a shareholder

As a member of The Sharing Group, you automatically save SharePoints that you can convert into Good Shares, which are certificates of shares that allow you to benefit from the group’s success.

You receive
benefits 2

You receive

We will inform you as a member first about new features, test groups and benefits at all affiliated companies (or at friendly clubs that share our mission).

You get
exclusive invitations 3

You get
exclusive invitations

As a member we invite you to small-scale (online) events about tech, mobility and energy.

You can
co-invest 4

You can

We regularly issue new, attractive bonds. As a member you get first access.

Good sharing

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What are Sharepoints?

Sharepoints are points that you can collect for your purchases and participation in campaigns as a The Sharing Group member.

What can I do with Sharepoints?

Once a year, you can convert the Sharepoints that you collected within a calendar year to Good Shares. These are certificates of shares.

What are Good Shares

Good Shares are share certificates of The Sharing Group

How can I get Good Shares?

At the beginning of each year, you will get an invitation to convert your Sharepoints to Good Shares. This will be done via your The Sharing Group membership dashboard.

Can everyone become TSG member?

Private individuals of 18 years en older can become member and collect SharePoints and Shares. Do you want to buy bonds? This is also possible with a business account.

How can I cancel my member account?

You can send a request to

What happens to my Sharepoints if I delete my account?

If you delete your account, your Sharepoints will also be deleted. If you register again, you will start collecting Sharepoints again.

What's the value of my Sharepoints?

Each Sharepoint has a financial value that you can use to convert to Good Shares. How many you can convert to is determined by the value of The Sharing Group that is assessed yearly. At the start of a new year we inform you about the amount of Good Shares that you can convert to with your collected Sharepoints.

Where do I find the T&Cs and privacy statement?