Change makers wanted

If you want to change the world, you need change makers. Entrepreneurs who dare to storm the market with a disruptive business plan, but also have a mission. We are looking for these kinds of new ventures. And if you are such a venture in the energy or mobility market, we are extra interested.


We believe in growth. Because making more impact works better on a larger scale. As entrepreneurs, we prefer companies with a recurring component. Our growth path for start-ups is therefore strongly member driven which we believe makes companies more solid. Solid companies make more impact and more profit. 

& funding

The Sharing Group supports entrepreneurs with expertise, funding and community. The latter is important because we believe that the Good Sharing Economy is a movement. Together we can achieve more and we become less dependent on existing systems.


As we are expanding fast, we need to focus on the core. That is why, as a group, we offer services for HR, legal, data analysis, branding and finance. You no longer have to gain that experience yourself.


We believe in companies with members. Regular customers that are so involved, they help you make your product better and even want to invest in you. We help you build such a community.


You need money to grow. In the journey to maturity, we help our start-ups with funding. This can come directly from us, from our community (with bonds) or we help you find the right co-investor or bank.

Our ideal image
of a venture

  • We are looking for European high potentials in Mobility and Energy
  • In which we can make (pre-)Seed up to and including Series A investments
  • Our ideal ticket size is EUR 500K – EUR 2m
  • We would like to grow into a significant minority stake
  • Our ventures are impact driven and endorse the Good Sharing philosophy.
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growth team

A compact team of specialists is ready as a rapid response force to help ventures grow. Their extensive experience in (self) running successful start-ups and scale-ups makes them a sought-after sparring partner.

Our ventures therefore skip expensive external consultants, but rely on this in-house team that is ready for business strategy, community building, positioning, branding and, of course, funding. The team can work from any place, but can regularly be found in our office, or clubhouse how we like to call it, in Amsterdam.

Give Justin a call if you think your venture is a good fit for TSG.