The Sharing Group is impact driven. We operate in different markets with a strong focus on Tech, Energy and Mobility. Our foothold is in the Netherlands and we are gradually expanding across Europe. Here’s an overview.




Mijndomein is our main brand in the Tech market. Currently, it is the market leader in the Dutch market to provide Shared Hosting at scale, fulfilling the online ambitions of its customers.

MyWheels is our main brand in the Mobility market. MyWheels offers Shared Mobility at scale. Car sharing is becoming a preferred choice of mobility for a growing audience. With a car within walking distance for everyone to use, MyWheels is able to provide the freedom of mobility without having to own one.

EnergyZero is our main brand within the Energy market. EnergyZero introduced a Energy-as-a-Service platform for its business partners based on dynamic pricing, combined with value-added services that allows customers to become energy self-sufficient.

With quiet and emission-free vehicles, ELOOP aims to improve the quality of life in the city and bring positive change to urban mobility. And with the ELOOP One token, everyone can participate in the ride revenue.

New ventures

Got an idea in line with our values that is ready to disrupt a marketplace? We are always on the lookout for new opportunities. Share your thoughts. Contact us.

Cargoroo offers a cost-efficient, eco-friendly, hassle-free way to carry any cargo—kids or crates of beer. And makes it more fun for everyone. Electric cargo bikes with pitches in your area.

Share Council is a platform for employee participation. You can share ownership without hassle and reward employees in all kinds of ways.

Metaregistrar is your trusted partner for large domain portfolios. Specialized in domain names and domain services, Metaregistrar is optimized for resellers, governments and brands to handle their domain portfolio.

Worldwide, almost 20% of all registered country code domain names have a .co xx extension. For the Netherlands, the domain name with international appeal is

Lightyear’s mission is to make clean mobility available to everyone, everywhere in the world. It develops electric cars with an energy-efficient design and integrated solar panels.

Just as we made webhosting accessible with Mijndomein, we make your own domain extension possible with dotlocal. Have you ever thought about a .rotterdam, .groningen, .limburg or .achterhoek?

Gridio is an innovative partner of The Sharing Group that helps to accelerate the energy transformation. Gridio finds the best time to use electricity and automatically smart charges your electric vehicle. No hardware, just smart.

Weave is part of The Sharing Group. This group of full stack developers is driven to deliver top notch software solutions and to constantly stay ahead of the game. Weave works closely together with other brands within the group to improve our technologies.

puntFRL is the domain extension for Friesland. A province in the North of the Netherlands. This Geographic Top Level Domain was introduced in 2015 and is the preferred domain extension for many Frisians.

If you are a real Amsterdammer, you have got to get your dot Amsterdam domain name. The dotAmsterdam brand is loved in Amsterdam and across the world. Especially amongst a creative target audience.

MyShop is a partner of The Sharing Group. It specialises in delivering e-commerce solutions for B2B and B2C. Together with My Shop, Mijndomein developed Mijnwinkel. An online platform to find and buy at your local shop.

Greencast is a start-up that enables companies to monitor their CO2 footprint at relatively low costs and hassle free. An important step forward to help companies cut their CO2 emissions.

Zonnefabriek is a partner of The Sharing Group. Zonnefabriek has a mission to make every roof a solar factory. It has been installing thousands of solar roofs since 2009, always with quality and friendly service in mind.

ZonderGas helps to bring your gas bill down 100%. Specialized in turning homes to become fully electrified. ZonderGas is a partner of The Sharing Group and offers ZonderGas Energie, powered by EnergyZero.

Ready for a sustainable home but you don’t know where to start? WoonDuurzaam will help you realize your dream, in a hassle free way. WoonDuurzaam is a partner of The Sharing Group within the energy market.

MAEX is developing An impact visualisation tool for small and medium enterprises. The tool helps to show the positive impact of companies based on their contribution to the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals)

New ventures

Got an idea in line with our values that is ready to disrupt a marketplace? We are always on the lookout for new opportunities. Share your thoughts. Contact us.