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Nowadays everyone talks about car sharing. We are very happy with that, because MyWheels is the founder of car sharing in The Netherlands (you heard that right!). In order to make optimal use of the positive feeling about car sharing, we want to continue growing just as fast this year as we did last year. And therefore, money is needed.

The goal is to bring this money together with our members and friends, and that includes you. That is why The Sharing Group is issuing this bond for MyWheels so that we can benefit from its growth together.


Join from
as low as €100,-


Annually 5% interest,
quarterly payment

Free €150
driving credit

When you deposit
a minimum of €1000


No subordination to any
bank or other financing



In order to continue to grow, to make an impact and to make car sharing even bigger, we want to invest in technology that benefits customers. We also want to invest in the growth of our sharable electric car fleet and in further optimizing the customer journey.

“We want to grow together and make an impact. More space to live, more space for greenery and lower CO2 emissions. And that with a 100% electric fleet in 2025. That’s our main goal,” says Karina Tiekstra (CEO MyWheels).

Ready for this ride? Get in!

For All

Open. For everyone.



We make investing in MyWheels through The Sharing Group highly accessible. Therefore the price of a bond is €1 and you can participate from as little as €100. With a minimum deposit of €1000 you will receive €150 MyWheels driving credit as a gift.

Invest Wisely.

This is how it works

As a bondholder you deposit money and with that you grant the company a loan. The company pays quarterly interest to the bondholder and makes redemption payments in line with the agreement.

Gather information

Investing is not without risk. It is important that you gather the right knowledge before you invest. We advise you to read the prospectus carefully, especially the chapter about the risk factors, before you invest.

No hidden fees

It is good to know that you don’t pay any administrative, management or other hidden fees.

Safe payment

The bond payment is handled via iDEAL. The transaction details will be sent out via e-mail and will be shown within your personal member account environment of The Sharing Group. The actual bond transaction is handled in collaboration with ShareCouncil, a partner of The Sharing Group


Where to find the Essential Investor’s Information?

The ‘essential information’ is what you need to know and understand to make a considered decision about joining this bond. This info is found behind the documentation icon on top of this page. It contains the official documents that The Sharing Group has submitted to the Dutch AFM. It contains all the info you need on the risks, the securities and guarantees, the terms of the loan, the tax treatment and the current financial situation of The Sharing Group.

What does ‘No prospectus obligation and AFM approval’ mean?

Usually, a permit or approval by the AFM is needed to issue an offer like a bond. However, since this bond does not exceed the amount of 5 million euros, no prospectus nor an AFM approval is needed.

What payment method can I use?

The preferred payment method is a transfer through iDEAL. This system allows for a maximum amount of € 50.000,-. If you want to obtain a bigger stake, multiple transactions are required. You’ll find all your positions in the Members section of our website.

Which payment provider do you use?

We partner with Mollie. Before connecting your bank account to our platform, Mollie will perform a so-called KYC (Know Your Customer)-check. If your member account at The Sharing Group and your accountholder name at your bank are different, this check might take a bit longer. This also applies for transactions from outside the Netherlands. Please be aware and take your time.

What is the duration of your bonds?

The duration of our bonds is 60 months. When your purchased bonds become interest -bearing depends on the moment of issue and the properties of the bond itself. After 60 months the bond has been fully repaid. There is an annual option to pay off 20% early.

How do I receive the €150 driving credit for MyWheels?

The discount code will be sent to you at the beginning of April after the Sharing Bond for MyWheels investment period has ended. It is unique and personal, is 'descending' and can be used several times until the amount has been used up. The discount code can be entered in the 'discount' field when booking a ride and is valid for 6 months.

The requirement to receive this credit is that you invest a minimum of €1000.

How do we handle personal data?

We think it is important that your private information remains really private and we comply with applicable laws and regulations. Read more about this in our privacy statement.