Starting our own bonds platform to raise money
Why support banks if we can support each other

Stefan Heesakkers

‘the strength of our community
is what sets us apart’

Private Lease was taking off and capital was needed to invest in new cars for the Mijndomein Auto operation. Instead of going to a bank for a loan, we started a bonds platform to raise money with our customers. This sounds simple but turned out to be a complex matter where we were told many times that it was not possible until it turned out to be possible anyway.

A platform was built, Mijndomein Invest, that allowed our customers to directly apply for a bond through a simple registration process. Our thinking being that if our customers would get interest from us, instead of the bank, every one would benefit from it. Ten years later, more than 30 million in capital was raised.

We are a group of colleagues, brands, members and investors with a shared interest. Making more impact on society with less impact on the environment.

We’re round and square

If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got. But there are other ways. Putting impact first. Providing fresh perspectives. Changing the status quo. Are you with us?




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Starting our own bonds platform to raise money
Why support banks if we can support each other


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imple mart hareable


Henri de Jong
Tamara de Groot
Stephan Plat
Karina Tiekstra
Joost van Rooij
Angela van de Klok
Roy Bauweraerts
Peter-Jan Karens
Stefan Heesakkers
Leon van der Kolk
Ewout de Graaf
Erik Smit
Dion Goudkuil
Auke Ferwerda
Herman Veenstra
Hans Valk

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